Over the past 2 years we have been embarking on a sustainability mission. What is sustainability we hear you say? It comes in three stages, sourcing locally and ethically ensuring we have the best understanding of our supply chain, reducing our waste - this includes how we source produce and use ingredients, looking at ways that we can reduce the use of plastics and how we recycle - all of this in turn means that we are significantly reducing our impact on the environment.

It’s our commitment to source local, high quality, seasonal produce which ensures that we reduce our carbon footprint. We know exactly where our ingredients come from by sourcing our meat from the north, direct from organic and free range farmers. The beef comes from the rolling hills of the Northumberland, our pork comes from round the corner (litterally!), our chicken are herb-fed and is farmed in North Yorkshire and our fish is caught off our shores in the North Sea. All of our vegetables are seasonal, the best picks of the crop and grown in fields and allotments around Newcastle and Gateshead's borders.  

Not stopping at just the sourcing of our ingredients, we’re also passionate about reducing our waste. When it comes to meat, we purchase whole animals and our resident butcher chef produces all the cuts on site. Every part of every animal is used from the lean prime cuts found on our menu to the bones used to create delicious stock. We even make our own charcuterie right here at BALTIC. We also use our vegetable peelings to create nutritious compost for the region's fields by putting all vegetable waste into special bins which is then taken off site for processing. 

We're really excited to tell you how far we have come and what we have been up to behind the scenes so this month we’ll be sharing a peek at how we are achieving our sustainability goals. We will be taking you on a journey of how we source our produce to where our waste goes and how we are becoming more environmentally friendly than ever before. We’ll be introducing you to some of our suppliers right here on our new blog, interviewing our chefs and front of house team and sharing recipes. We’re also letting our chefs and front of house team loose on Instagram @sixbaltic where they’ll be sharing photos from the kitchen and restaurant.

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