Today we caught up with Greg Lambert, our Executive Chef in Six and asked him what his Top Pick was this week and his seasonal ingredient of the moment is Wild Garlic. 

Six's Wild Garlic doesn't actually come from a supplier, our dedicated chefs go foraging for it near their home and when out for walks. Grown near water and on marshy ground, Wild Garlic has sprung up across the UK this spring. Its season falls between March and June, and those of you that go walking along River Banks and through parks may have noticed a light garlic smell in the air recently. 

Slightly different when comparing to its regular garlic friend that you'll find in any supermarket, Wild Garlic is leafier, has a mellower taste and is extremely versatile. Wild Garlic is made up of a bulb, stem leave and a star-shaped flower and we use it in a variety of different ways in the restaurant.

You can pickle the roots and even tempura the edible flowers. In Six we dry the Wild Garlic and use it as a powder to season food and also wilt it like spinach. Currently on the menu is Yeasted Chicken Breast, Wild Garlic Spätzle & Leek - Spätzle is a bit like pasta and our version is made with the Wild Garlic which gives the Spätzle a green colour - we then boil and pan fry the dough and serve with the chicken from Herb Fed Poultry. Try it on your next visit to Six.