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There's nothing better than a cold gin and tonic on a day like today so we're bringing you three ways to drink Hepple Gin this weekend. 

Hepple Gin is based in the heart of Northumberland National Park surrounded by the picturesque rolling hills, the valley's clean water and everything they need to make fabulous gin. Around the Hepple estate you'll find aromatic plants including ancient Juniper, Sweet Gale and Douglas Fir and blackcurrant each used to make their fabulous gin. 

We serve Hepple Gin in three ways on the drinks menu. Hepple Martini, Hepple Negroni and classic Hepple Gin with Slim-Line Tonic. Here's how you can make yours at home. 

Hepple Martini:

This is the perfect excuse to get your Martini glass and shaker out of the cupboard. Start by chilling your glass with some ice. 

Put some ice cubes in the mixer with 120ml of Martini Dry then add in 60ml of Hepple Gin. Stir this until the mixer is ice cold. If your mixer is glass it will start to appear frosty. Throw away the ice in your Martini glass and strain your mixture into the now cold glass and garnish with lemon. Then grab a deck chair and sip it in the back garden until the sun goes down. 



Hepple Negroni:

Grab a rocks glass, a nice weighted tumbler, and add 30ml Hepple Gin, 20ml of Campari, 20ml of Martini Rosso to the glass with cubed ice. Give it a quick stir (not too much!). If you like it sweet garnish with some orange wedges or for a drier more intense flavour add a twist of orange. 


Hepple with Slim Line Tonic

Nothing too fancy for our next recommendation. Add a good double measure of Hepple Gin to a rocks glass full of cubed ice. Add a lemon wedge and pour over the slim-line tonic. We use Fever Tree. The classic drink! 

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The choice is yours! If you're trying out any of the recipes, we'd love to see you photos, share at @sixbaltc on Instagram. Read the full drinks menu here